A Message from one of our Customers – Andy Chapman
All – I’ve been coerced into signing up to take part in a charity event for the fantastic British Heart Foundation on the 4th September.
No its not a cake sale.
No it’s not who can grown the biggest leek.
Not even a couch to 5k run.
It’s the British Heart Foundation annual London to Brighton Off Road Mountain Bike Ride.
Its 71 miles –  6 to 7 hours of siting on a bike saddle designed by Wilkinson Sword ( well it feels like that anyway) and sweating copiously.
So why the mail  ? In exchange of seeing in me in a lot of discomfort ( there will be photos)  –  would you please give a few quid (dollars / rupees/ euros) to my  just giving account please.
I’m trying to raise around £500 for this amazing charity and you get to point and laugh at me covered in mud, sweat and probably blisters – sounds like a fair deal to me.
Thanks all – If you want to get some shots of the fantastic training rides that I’m going on ( all around the New Forest in the south of the UK – its beautiful) Then let me know.